This is Page Two of the newsletter that features the works and offerings of many different people from a variety of walks of life. We celebrate these people, their works, their specialties, and we include their emails and urls where possible. If you know anyone who you feel should be included in the Wambara Newsletter, please contact us here. Hope you enjoy this offering.


Anchored in the tradition yet resolutely modern, inspired by the songs of the desert and immersed in the rhythms of the Senegal River, somewhere at the crossroads of West Africa, the Arab and the Berber worlds, between the Sahel and the Savannah, Malouma’s music is unique.

Recorded in Nouakchott with her young musicians' band, which blends all the components of today’s Mauritania (Moorish, Fulani, Tukulor, Soninke, Wolof and Haratin), this album highlights her splendid voice and her talent as both a composer and an interpreter.

Malouma is definitely one of the greatest singers on the African continent.

In the late eighties she began appearing on stage in Mauritania. With a new repertoire, she brought about a true musical revolution among singers. Such pieces as "Habibi habeytou", "Cyam ezzaman tijri", "Awdhu billah"... disrupted the established order. Malouma was aiming to impose a style that drew from the purest tradition and modernized it. The research she undertook was centred on a successful blending of traditional and modern music, the latter providing its instruments and its approach, the first its rich repertoire. Malouma thus became a singer-songwriter, introducing a unity of theme in her songs (oughniya) and not refraining from broaching subjects that were more or less taboo such as love, conjugal life or inequalities.

Her website is here.


Guinean audiences first got introduced to Mama Assiata Kamaldine Contéduring “Love System’s” 1988 tour when she was singled out through her passionate performance, graceful poise and flirtatious playfulness, stealing the show night after night. She delighted audiences and became an overnight sensation. The following year, Bamako and Segu, in turn, felt under Kamaldine’s spell providing the first indication into her supra-national appeal. It was in 1991 during the “Fécouverte RFI” talent show, sponsored by French Radio, that Kamaldine got her first international break eventually lending her to Dakar’s stadium “Iba Mar Diop”. It was the beginning of a love affair. Dakar turned out to be a charmed city, in more ways then one, for Kamaldine. It was also there that she met the Midas of African music, Boncana Maiga, whose golden touch has sparkled before with such African stars as Alpha Blondy, Aicha Koné, Africando and Oumou Sangaré to name but a few. Boncana signed her, on the spot, to his production label “Maestro Sound”. The rest as they soon to become music history. So catch them while you still can, they are about to fly, fly high and far.
Visit her at:

Azar Nafisi

Azar Nafisi is a Visiting Fellow and professorial lecturer at the Foreign Policy Institute of the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC. A professor of aesthetics, culture and literature, Dr. Nafisi held a fellowship at Oxford University teaching and conducting a series of lectures on culture and the important role of Western literature and culture in Iran after the revolution in 1979. She taught at the University of Tehran, the Free Islamic University, and Allameh Tabatabaii before coming to the United States—- earning national respect and international recognition for advocating on behalf of Iran’s intellectuals, youth, and especially young women. She was expelled from the University of Tehran for refusing to wear the mandatory Islamic veil in 1981, and did not resume teaching until 1987. She has lectured and written extensively in English and Persian on the political implications of literature and culture as well as on the human rights of Iranian women and girls and the important role they play in the process of change for pluralism and an open society in Iran and other Muslim societies.
Visit her at: DialogueProject

Gautam Malkani

Financial Times journalist Gautam Malkani will be taking over the paper's Creative Business section, AiM can reveal today. The paper made an internal announcement on Monday to the effect that he would be taking over from the previous section editor Carlos Grande.The FT announced in December that its media supplement Creative Business would be dropped as a weekly pull-out and instead become a monthly pull-out supplement. Every week the paper will still carry a few pages dedicated to Creative Business, which Gautam will also look after, but they will be part of the paper as opposed to a stand-alone section.
Visit him at:


Born on the tiny Senegalese island of N’Gor, Magou is associated with a husky yet lyrical voice and thoughtful lyrics. He was born into a fishing community and brought up by his mother and grandmother. His paintings financed his first forays into music, and he quickly became involved in bands combining rap, soul and reggae. His distinctive vocal style attracted Dakar’s Studio Yes, which put him in touch with the German Network label. It brought out his first solo album “Africa Yewul”.
Visit him at:

Karla Williams

Warehouse Theatre Company in co-production with JID Theatre Company present My Life, an autobiographical portrait of teenage life in London by young playwright Karla Williams. In My Life Kia has more to deal with than your average 16-year-old; her life changes suddenly after the death of her mother and a close friend. Love, pain, faith and loss all have an impact on the resilient Kia in this life-affirming pursuit of strength and happiness. These themes are cleverly interwoven with the usual rites of passage in teenage life to create a bittersweet portrayal of one teenager's discovery of faith as she steers into adulthood. Visit herat:


Nara was formed in 2001, an ensemble combining Abdullah's qanun with a variety of traditional and mainstream instruments such as the nay (Arabic end-blown flute),Syrian accordion and Middle Eastern and Western percussion such as the frame-drum, daf, darbuka, kit-drums and double bass. An ever evolving musical project based entirely on Abdullah's original compositions. In the first few months of its existence Nara has produced startlingly enthusiastic reactions from audiences, particularly at WOMEX and at WOMAD festivals in the UK and Canary Islands. Visit him at:


There's nothing like the warm spirit of the Caribbean to re-energize a dry, stale season of the same old song and dance. And with summer fast approaching there couldn't be a better time for Barbados-born singer Rihanna to break into an industry that is eager to celebrate the next big thing. Thanks to multi-platinum island-born superstars like Sean Paul, Shaggy and Elephant Man, the mainstream has been primed for a rhythmic female star to step into the forefront of popular music. Visit her at:

Eneida Marta

The music of Guinee-Bissau-born artist Eneida Marta is colored by a variety of influences from traditional music: her father's Angolan roots, the Portuguese Diaspora (she is a resident of Lisbon) and a variety of African cultures. Marta speaks Fula, Biafada, Bijago, Mandjak, Mankanya, Futa Fula, Balanta, Papel and Mandinga. There is also the instrumentation, the tchifre cow horn, the onomatopoeic bumbulum tree trunk drum, the tina, made from a wine barrel cut in two, immersed in water and played only by women. This is vibrant music from one of the under-recorded corners of West African. Visit her at:

Susheela Raman

As an artist, Raman continues to develop and explore issues of identity with new sounds that celebrate multiplicity. She draws her collaborators from across Europe, Asia, and Africa: Cameroonian bassist Hilaire Penda, Guinea-Bissau born percussionist Djanuno Dabo, American drummer Marque Gilmore, British-Asian tabla player Aref Durvesh, and of course British guitarist and producer Sam Mills are at the heart of this album as they were on Salt Rain. You can visit her site at:

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole is the real deal. Like many young people raised in a tough neighborhood, the 21-year-old songstress endured a tumultuous childhood in Oakland, California, and has fought all her life to keep her dream of a music career alive. Now she's realizing that dream on her own terms with her first album for the A&M label, The Way It Is. It's been a long road for Keyshia, but it's her powerful voice-- a bell-like instrument whose soaring clarity is topped off with a tantalizing touch of soulful grit -- that's carried her through, not to mention the diminutive singer's personal combination of sugar, spice, sass and sex appeal, along with a solid-steel spine. Check out her site at:

Asha Bhonsle

Asha Bhonsle - A gift of the constellations. A multi-hued, multi-faceted voice with a face that has embraced every form of music in the last fifty years-setting a benchmark of style, verve and versatility. Timeless, reflecting the music of changing ages. Eternal, the embodiment of all that is classic.A Renaissance woman. There never was, nor will be another persona like Asha.In this century, she sets yet another benchmark. Asha Bhosle sings eight memorable ghazals that are loved by all. Words and Music that become immortal.Songs that seep through your minds and nestle in your heart. Soak in the Songs of Starlight, by Asha

-Gautam Rajadhyaksha
[courtesy: quoted from the album cover]

Read the review at

Visit her at:

Cynthia Carter Hill

Recording Artist, Songwriter, TV Host, Motivational Speaker

Excitement, love, joy, and intensity are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe the Cynthia Carter Hill music ministry. She has expressed that one of her greatest goals is to lead people to desire a more intimate relationship with God and to know His deep love and compassion for them. A native of Toledo, Ohio, Cynthia Carter Hill began singing and directing church choirs at a very early age. Not only are her musical and vocal abilities a gift from God, she also is blessed to have had a father who was a lead singer for a variety of gospel groups that sang throughout the South and the Mid-west. Visit hes site at:

Rachel Magoola

Rachael Magoola, a Ugandan singer now based in the UK, was formerly a member of The Afrigo Band. From 1989 to Jan 2001 she, worked as a music teacher in Kaliro Primary Teacher's College. While at Kaliro she was the patroness of the Music Club. She formulated the syllabi and schedules for the college. The College choir under her patronage on several occasions represented the Busoga region at the National Primary Teachers College Music Festivals. She also arranged many other musical activities both intra and inter college. Visit her profile at:

Estella Ogdonna

Estella Ogbonna is a woman with brains and intelligence and all you need to do is listen to her speak. She has earned the education many dream of acquiring but her pet dream of becoming a fashion designer seems to be consuming her and with the opportunity to live and work in the United States of America, Estella is fulfilling her long life dream of becoming a fashion guru. Recently Taiwo Obude caught up with her to conduct this interview.To learn more, visit her at: .You can view a galley sample of her work at . Email her here.

SaraSinger/songwriter Sara Tavares belongs to a second generation of Africans on the rise in the Portuguese and international musical panorama. Her new album, Balancê's artistic sophistication transforms this Cape Verdean star into one of the most distinctive representatives of musical hybrids as expressed in Lisbon. Stripped of the superfluous, these songs are expressly organic and emotionally pure. Special guests are Júlio Pereira, Melo D, Boy Gê Mendes, André Cabaço, and Ana Moura.

Kelly Orphan 

Kelly Takunda Orphan has been on a long and wondrous musical journey beginning with her Armenian roots to the percussion driven music of West Africa, Zimbabwe and the Caribbean. This, her first recording, reveals a rare breed of musician who carefully and respectfully fuses together music of disparate cultures. The vocals are warm and lush—the rhythm tracks will make you want to dance!” You can reach her here.

Elias Negash

Elias' musical journey extends many decades that have taken him across many lands. Inspired by his mother who was also a pianist, Elias formed his first group in the 1960's.

Elias has had an eclectic musical background where he has combined his native Ethiopian music, with his Jazz education, and other influences from the world music segment. World.

He later made his television music debut with Murder She Wrote and Natalie Cole's Big Break productions. Elias was also the composer for the Soundtrack of the show Glitz starring Jimmy Smith and Markey Post with the Magyk band. To learn more, visit here

UnityNguyenUnity Nguyen, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist draws on many traditions from around the world. Her music weaves together various languages and instruments, including the dan tranh (16-string zither of Viet Nam); and the kora (21-string harp of West Africa). Visit the CALENDAR to catch a performance. Unity performs solo, or with various forms of her Unity Nguyen Ensemble. She also collaborates with a number of hot world music and dance groups.
Unity also shares her passion by teaching music-movement to diverse audiences. These classes range from several weekly programs for pre-schoolers, to drum workshops with youth at risk, to private lessons with adults.

Besides performing and teaching music, Unity holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Her email is here. Her website is here.


Larry Ukali Johnson Redd

Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd, born 1952, in San Francisco, CA, graduated from San Francisco’s Balboa High School in 1970 and entered University of San Francisco and received a B.A. in 1974 in Political Science and Ethnic Studies (African American). His quest for education continued at Golden Gate University in San Francisco where he received a Masters in Public Administration 1976 (MPA).

His latest books, History to Destiny through afro centric poetry and Loving Black Women are very popular. They can be found here.
For more information about Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd or his book, go to his website.

Opal Palmer Adisa, Ph.D

 Opal is a compassionate teacher, accomplished storyteller, gifted diversity trainer, and celebrated writer whose work is described by the novelist Alice Walker as “Solid, visceral, important stories written with integrity and love.”

Opal is an award winning poet, literary critic, prose writer, storyteller and artist, and is an internationally acclaimed lecturer and artist. This Jamaica-born writer is author of several books of poetry and stories for both adults and children; Leaf-of-Life is her most recent poetry collection, and her latest novel is entitled It Begins With Tears.

Her phone is 1 510 383-9883
You can visit her website here.

GloriaGloria Purter

Velvety Smooth is how she do it - Early in the morning her flow is hypnotic and fluid – late at night when the time is right – she rocks the party till the early light.

Sweet like herseys chocolate kisses – Her flow is melodic – it ‘taint missin. Comin’ straight fo your head – she brings her charm to the show. She’s velvety smooth all over the microphone.

Smooth like butta – so I’m told. Rich like diamonds, more solid than gold – smoothed out harmonies with lot’s of pizzazz. She’s velvety smooth funky-style jazz.

“Sometime ago I learned that I could write and that process would heal my wounds, strengthen my resolve, nurture my spirit and provide a window to what is inside of each of us – we share the human experience and I write” -Glo

Glo has been perfecting her funky style jazz around Sacramento nightspots for the past several years. She has performed at the Heritage Festival, the California State Fair, Mahogany Poetry Series, The Show Poetry Series, Luna’s Café, Featured on the Public Access Sacramento Show “Moore time for Poetry” Winner of the Jazz Artist of the Year SOS Music Awards 2001. LA Black Music Awards Show

Glo has performed solo and with several bands over the years. “Light Years” a contemporary gospel group, “The Payback” an R&B group patterning themselves after some of the soul artist of the 60’s and 70’s. Gladys Night and the Pips, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown to name a few. The “Bub Sextet” an acid jazz fusion group gave way to Glo coming out as a spoken word writer and artist. Most recently Glo is writing and performing with Capital City Artists Collective which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reach out to the artist’s community and provide a nurturing environment and support for the artists’ development. She is working on her 2nd CD project soon to be released. The first project titled “Island Paradise” was well received.

Stay tuned for Glo: She’s a smooth operator! Gloria Purter's address: 1500 W El Camino Ave, #614, Sacramento, CA 95833 Her phone is 916-501-4641. Her e-mail is here.


Lura Lura

“Listen to Lura.” And then go and see her on stage, plunging herself body and soul into her art, pure Creole beauty with a startling voice. Although she says that her theatrical experience with the Plano Seis company has helped her greatly on stage, I am still convinced that her basic performing talent is innate.
It mainly lies in her passion and youthful energy, and – of course – the fantastic power of her truly unique voice, a gift she took years to accept. “I thought my voice was awful,” she says. “I was even ashamed to sing Happy Birthday.”

Born in Lisbon in 1975, she discovered her Cape Verdean identity (while remaining fully Portuguese) through the Creole she learnt with her friends at school. Today, she is proud to speak and write her songs in a deep Creole from the heart of the islands. As a child, she wanted to be a dancer. Later, she taught swimming. Finally, music drew her from the water. Unlucky for her pupils, but very fortunate for all of us who listen to her today.
Once, when the world was still limitless and enigmatic, nervous cartographers noted the legend “here be dragons” on the edges of their maps. As I look into the future – just as those ancient cartographers looked at the world – I can confidently write on Lura’s map “here be great light: the radiance of a great singer”.

To visit her site go here

Oumou Dioubate

Oumou Dioubate comes from Kankan, Guinea. Her mother was a well known Griotte and singer, and Oumou began singing at the age of 7. When the mother suddenly died Oumou, then 13, took her place in the traditional "Kankan Ensemble". The teenager then married a relative who was a teacher and musician, and the couple moved to Conakry, Guinea's capitol. There they formed the band, Les Messagers de Morfing, and Oumou began to develop a more modern singing style. Many believe she went too far with her modernity, but Oumou Dioubate had decided to go her own way and, in the mid 1980s, relocated to Paris. It was there that she had her breakthrough as a backing singer for Ismael Lo, on his "N'Diawar" album.

The producer Ibrahim Sylla heard her and decided to make a solo album with her ("Lancey" – Sterns Africa). The album was a great success in Guinea in the 1990s when, after a long pause, it was finally released. The reason for the delay was Oumou Dioubate's provocative lyrics. She sings, among other things, that she will perform a traditional dance - naked - in order to become pregnant. When she returned from Paris it was impossible for her to live together with her husband. She earned sufficient money from "Lancey" to enable her to buy a new house for herself and her child.

Oumou Dioubate is a much discussed and disputed artist in Guinea and has had to withstand many rumors and personal attacks for her modern and open style. For more information, go here.


Anna Maria Flechero

Even though she was raised by her grandmother, Big Mama, singer/songwriter Anna Maria was heavily influenced by her mother, Leola, a pianist and choir leader for several local churches. She was also influenced by the remarkable voices she heard coming from these choirs. This music would be the beginning of Anna Maria’s musical journey.

As a child, Anna Maria’s mother always encouraged her to sing, play the piano and perform in church plays. Her song, Just Because, was inspired by her mother.

To visit her website, go here.

Emmanuel Nado
           Echoes of Africa

NadoWelcome to Echoes of Africa radio station 91.5 KKUP.
The program is an exciting weekly 3 hour radio music magazine that features and highlights African music in all its forms and styles. This long running program is a staple of KKUP programming. Hosted by Emmanuel Nado, a native of Cote d'Ivoire West Africa, Echoes of Africa is aired every Monday afternoon beginning at 3pm. Nado brings to KKUP listeners an informative and musical experience from the continent that never stands still. Africa's musical influence on the world is without question. The myriad of sounds and styles out of Africa are heard on Echoes of Africa. When you tune in each week you'll be part of a musical journey that takes you through the heart of Africa. Our mission here is to entertain as well educate the listeners.

The first hour begins with traditional music from various regions of the continent; music played on indigenous instruments, rituals and a variety of ceremonial songs and music are spotlighted.
The second hour features news from the continent with the perspectives of the African Diaspora, information from the communities, interviews of touring and/or local African artists, and cultural happenings in and around the U.S.

The last segment of the program is devoted to the current dance music scenes. When you tune in at this time you'll hear the latest South African street beat of Kwaito and you'll hear Mbanquanga, the music that energized many of the liberation movements in southern Africa. Congolese lightening guitar music called Soukous, along with its new version Ndombolo, travels to the feet of listeners as they hear the foremost exponents of the style Koffi Olomide, Wenga Musica, Extra Musica, Soukous Stars and a host of Congolese bands doing their things. You'll also hear Africa's! number one rumbero Sam Mangwana. To visit his site, go here.

Ken BladyEducator, writer, and translator, Ken Blady was born in Paris, France, and grew up in Hassidic Brooklyn, where he attended yeshiva and rabbinical seminary. A San Francisco Bay Area resident since 1972, Ken has a B.A. in History from the University of California at Berkeley, and an M.A. in Clinical Counseling from California State University, Hayward. He is the author of "The Jewish Boxers' Hall of Fame," "Jewish Communities in Exotic Places”; and translator of "The Journeys of David Toback."

A popular lecturer on a variety of Jewish themes at colleges, synagogues, elder hostels, and adult educational institutions, Ken has been featured on a number of radio and T.V. talk shows, most recently on The History Channel documentary, "Operation Magic Carpet," which deals with the airlift of the Jews of Yemen to Israel.

He is currently a lecturer in Jewish History on the faculty of the University of Judaism's Department of Continuing Education and Shurgin Elder Hostel Program.

Ken lectures extensively on a variety of African Jewish communities, including the Beta Israel of Ethiopia, the Berber Jews of North Africa, the Lemba of Zimbabwe and the Abayudaya of Uganda.

His website is here, and he can be emailed here.

Message from Samba Ngo Manu at Africa No. 1 in Paris.

Dear Friends,
After spending the past four months in Paris, I have returned to the Bay Area! Living again in Paris was a fantastic. Not only was I able to spend time with old friends--and wonderful new friends--I performed with my new band (based in Paris), worked on my upcoming cd, and finished a compilation of my music that will be released shortly.

I especially want to thank my hosts, Christian and Robert Brazza and Donny Mahoukou, for their generosity and bon humor. Christian, Robert and Donny are young Congolese men, born and raised in Paris, and doing great things for African musicians in Europe. I'm proud of their commitment to African music and thankful for their support. Merci beaucoup, Christian, Robert and Donny!
I also want to thank my good friend Lokua Kanza for his exceptional company; if you haven't heard his latest release, Plus Vivant, you must. Hear a clip by going here.

Please help celebrate my return home by coming to Ashkenaz on Saturday, January 21. And please check my schedule once and awhile for upcoming shows.

I'd love to see you!
- Samba

Regina Nacro was born on September 4, 1962 in Tenkodogo in Burkina Faso. She entered the world of the cinema by the large door. The call of the cinema led her to the INAFEC of Ouagadougou, the mythical African school of the trades of the cinema, which hosted several generations of African scenario writers.

Holder of a degree of sciences and technology of audio-visual at the African Institute of Cinematographic Studies, Burkina Faso, in 1986. In Paris, in 1989, she was awarded a degree in cinematographic and audio-visual studies. Then, she received a license of cinema at the University of Paris Sorbonne. In 1993, she created its own house of production: "Films of the Challenge", whose registered office is in Ouagadougou. She is currently working on a doctorate in Sciences of Education.

In Burkina Faso, Regina is the first woman to enter the world of the cinema by carrying out a training course as a scriptwriter on the film "Yam Daabo" (The Choice) produced in 1986 by Idrissa Ouédraogo. Her first film is a short made in 1992, titled "A Certain Morning", which won the "Tanit d' Argent" award. This film is the first fiction film directed by a woman in Burkina Faso.

With "Puk Nini" (1995), she achieved international recognition. Her short film "the Trick of Konaté" (1998), on the prevention of the AIDS, was rewarded in many international festivals, whose Fespaco 1999 and Festival of the Short Film of Clermont-Ferrand reveal a scenario writer very committed.

In her film, "Bintou", carried out within the framework of the series "Mama Africa", Fanta Régina Nacro was inspired by the fight of her mother for the recognition of her role in the company. This medium length film of fiction gained more than twenty prizes in the international festivals. With its film " Food positively " (2003) Fanta Régina Nacro tackles the problems involved in the AIDS.

She can be reached here.

MalaMala Waldron Vocalist/Pianist/Songwriter

After two Japanese label deals (Tokuma Communications and 3361/Black), jazz/soul vocalist, pianist & songwriter, Mala Waldron feels as if she’s starting over with "Always There" as her first indie release. No stranger to the music business, she has been doing gigs since the age of 15. As the child of two professional jazz musicians, she is also no stranger to the many styles of jazz. As a young girl, Mala was influenced by her Mom’s record collection, which included artists such as Donny Hathaway (her favorite), Joni Mitchell, Roberta Flack and Les McCann.

Her brother introduced her to Motown, James Brown and Sly & the Family Stone, and as a teen, she was strongly influenced by the music of Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan. Mala started with classical piano at age 7, and then, wanting to learn to improvise, studied her father's recordings. She feels she got the best jazz education, and few would argue. Her dad was jazz pianist/composer, Mal Waldron, most well known as Billie Holiday's last accompanist and for composing Soul Eyes first recorded by John Coltrane.

Mala's performance credits include performances with Andy Bey, Makanda Ken McIntyre, Don Braden, Jeanne Lee, Cecil McBee, George Cables, James Williams, Billy Drummond, Victor Lewis, John Betsch, James "Jabbo" Ware ME WE & THEM Orchestra, Hilton Ruiz, Andrei Strobert, Warren Smith and violinist, Naoko Terai.

In 1995, a longtime dream came true when Mala toured Japan with her father and recorded a CD duo project entitled He's My Father. That album was followed by her debut solo release, Lullabye. Ms. Waldron feels, of all her recordings to date, Always There best captures her musical essence and artistic vision.

Mala first met guitarist Steve Salerno in 1998, while doing a weekly solo piano/vocal gig at a now defunct jazz club on Long Island. She views their meeting as "one of the better things to come of that gig." She laughs when recalling that the first job Steve called her for was a funeral!

A few years later Mala met drummer/percussionist, Michael "T.A." Thompson, through a mutual friend, saxophonist Milt Harris. After working together on material for Mr. Harris' recording project, they recognized a great synergy and intuitive ease of relating between them. They decided to expand their collaboration by writing for other artists, the first of whom was vocalist Barbara Sfraga. This is also when they first discussed the idea of playing together and recording Mala's music.

Mala met bassist, Miriam Sullivan around 2002, when they began working together in an all-female band called "Sage." At this point, Mala had all the players except the 'right' bassist to fit in with her project. In retrospect, she finds it funny that she overlooked Miriam assuming she'd be too busy with other projects. Mala recalls one day, venting about it, when Miriam suddenly said she'd love to play with the band!

From the first rehearsal, the group knew right away that Miriam was the missing piece to their puzzle, she fit in beautifully. They did their first performance at 17 Main a jazz club in Mt. Kisco, New York, to an enthusiastic crowd. Unfortunately, 17 Main has since closed, but this unit goes on working together, as well as supporting and developing their own individual projects.

To visit her website go here.

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