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howdyIn Maninka, “wambara” means homeland, and that is what this site is about: this is a site is where you can post things relevant to Africa.
Listed here are peoples from all different nations and homelands who have an interest in Africa. We include writers, musicians, novelists, playwrights, professors, inventors, entrepreneurs, sculptors and painters, screenwriters, poets, performing artists and actors, comedians, peoples.

This site offers venues and events for you to present your work to the general public; it creates a space where you can gather together to offer your creations and products. For example, at some events novelists would read their works, musicians perform their songs, comedians make their audiences laugh, or entrepreneurs discuss a new business.

Our events include presentations, get-togethers, and parties and dances. When you attend an event, we want you to feel at home. For more on our events and things, go here and here.

We also provide on this site a newsletter that highlights the accomplishments of members of the local Wambara community. To visit that page, go here.

To email us, go here.

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