Yaya Fanusie came to the USA from West Africa in 1967. He attended the University of Oregon, in Eugene, for three years; then studied at San Diego State University; and obtained his PhD from the University of California Riverside in 1981.

He has lectured and conducted seminars and workshops in management and leadership in the United States and in Nigeria.

Since 1984, he has worked in several positions for the State of California, including the Dept. of Finance, the Dept. of Industrial Relations, the Dept. of Insurance, and he is presently with the California Public Utilities Commission in San Francisco.

He has jointly created such organizations as the What Now?!Newsletter, a watchdog organization that monitors managerial performance and ethical conduct in state government. You can visit their website here.

He is president of SaiGobe Inc. He has presented numerous workshops and seminars on singles relationships. He produces the comedy shows, The Other Comedy, the Colors of Comedy, and the ToadFace Comedy Showcase, all extremely popular, plus a show called African Sounds held at Kimball’s East located in Emeryville. He is the developer of Conversations On Africa (COA), an open forum devoted to the enhancement of African public interest values, which you can visit here. He can be reached here.